Task Management Software Features

There are many features of our software, below are some of those

Cloud Based Software

Easy my office has created task management software in which everyone can enter his current working status of his work done by him. Working status can be checked and updated by his immediate superior in real time as all data is stored in online server rather than in computers which is called Cloud.

Dashboard Overview

An informative and attractive dashboard is designed for management for updating daily working status of their staff. On dashboard panel, you can check the summary of different work status such as work assigned, work pending, work completed etc. Further you can also manage the financial part of your business.

Visitor Reports

Gone the days when a manual register is kept of entry of each visitors.  Online check-in and check-out facility of each client in your office is created in this software in real time manner. Management can checked the visitor entries in his office and control the unauthorized access and lost the important documents and data of clients.

Manage on Single Click

By using Task management software, you can update all task status which save the precious time of management as well as staff. You can find out the pending task detail with complete reason by single click only.

User Friendly

This task management software is easy to learn and handle by everyone. No specific and time consuming training is required to operate and use this software. Everyone can easily understand the feature and working procedure of this software with fewer efforts.

Online Invoicing

a unique feature incorporated is to save the time to prepare manual Invoice to clients. After getting completion of task, management can create the Invoice with auto generated Invoice no, task particulars, standard fee and signature facility. Auto designed Letter head facility is also inbuilt.

Document Management

You can save the registration documents in PDF format of each client such as PAN Card, GST Certificate, Aadhar Card, Company registration certificate etc. which can be viewed at anytime and everywhere. Document management also help to increase you efficiency for productive work rather than traditional procedure i.e. scanning every document, getting sign etc.

Various Reports

Task management software generate various reports in real time. You can download the productive time taken by staff as well as detailed worksheet of every task in PDF/XLs. Client work report can also be generated so that we can justify the work done by us for the client. Client fee reports can also be viewed and generated in PDF format and can be sent through whatsapp or email to client.

Easy Statutory Compliance

In today scenario, Government compliance related to filing of returns, replying of notices are very time barring and challenging task. If your staff skips the compliance in timely manner, heavy penalty along with legal action may be faced by your client. Here you can be aware about the due date of every task and manage accordingly. Further responsibility of staff can be fixed because of non compliance.

Role Based Authority

In task management software, every staff and management is given his login id with unique password. Task status of every staff/employee may be access and check by the management with detailed report.


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